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Hi, welcome to Nomirah. My name is Miranda Tesselaar, I am a starseed and together with my Light Team I work as Nomirah. It is our mission to provide tools and information to help you return to your authentic energetic Being  and take part in the creation of the New World.

You can find out more about me here.



Heal with Lemurian Crystal Energy

You come into this life with a set of limiting blueprints that has been building up for many lifetimes. And the set for this life comes with the blueprints of the generations before you. All these blueprints can make it difficult to truly align with your Soul Path. Clearing them frees you from the perceived limitations and gives you the space to choose a life based on your Soul guidance.

More and more people are being reconnected to the healing crystal of ancient Lemuria. Its crystalline energy is very gentle and loving, but amazingly effective in transmuting the dense energies of our 3D world. It breaks down the limiting blueprints and constructs that are keeping you from finding alignment. Together with the dragons, the sisterhood of Lemuria is returning in ever growing numbers to assist us all in the transition to New Earth. You can read more about that here.

I created a series of healing audios embedded with the Lemurian Crystal energy to help you clear karmic, generational, and present life blueprints, thought constructs and blocks. 

The big advantage of the mp3s is that you can use them whenever and as often as you need, using your own discernment. Through time your perception of what reality is will expand, and you experience life in a much more fluid way.  


Daily Energy Sessions

Receive a short but profound healing session everyday in the comfort of your home or wherever you are. My Light Team have asked me to facilitate the daily sessions to offer people support in these intense times. They help to keep your energy clear from outside influences, clear limiting programming and infuse Life Force Energy to enable you to stay grounded in yourself and live from your true Self.

The Sessions are different every day depending on the energy of the group and the collective energies of that moment.

The Energy Sessions are given through my Light Team. You will receive healing energy and activations from the Lemurian Crystal, Merlin, Archangel Michael, dragons, faeries, Andromeda and others.


In the Shop you will find healing audios to assist you on your way to Soul Path Alignment.

They each have a different area of focus, but all will clear limiting blueprints and constructs that are keeping you stuck.

Expand your awareness of reality and activate your authentic Self expression. 

"Once you are aligned with Source, that inner voice, you just might find there is a path laid out before you.
That there is a calling that you are being asked to answer.
And all you can do is take those first steps in faith and watch the path unfold before you as you go."
green mandala