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Heal with the Crystalline Grid

You are a magnificent being, born with a unique purpose to fulfill. You are also born with limiting beliefs and patterns that have been passed down from past lives and the generations before you. On top of that come the experiences and likely trauma that you experienced in this life. The good news is you have the power to transcend all that. Clearing these blocks from your path, opens you up to the limitless opportunities and possibilities that are available. This transformation is not always easy, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

More and more people are are remembering their connection to the Crystalline Grid of Earth guarded by the dragons and Sisterhood of Lemuria. Its multidimensional crystalline energy feels very gentle and loving, but is amazingly effective in transmuting the dense energies of our 3D and raises your frequency significantly. It breaks down the limiting blueprints and constructs that are keeping you from finding alignment with your true self and helps you discover your innate wisdom and abilities. It also clears the density and trauma that is held in the collective on a grand scale.

clear / a self care program for spiritual growth and well being

We have created a series of healing sessions with the Crystalline Grid energy to support you in your well being and spiritual growth 

Clear – A self care program for spiritual growth and well being has the complete set you need for your daily spiritual hygiene and ascension journey. Along with the program, you’ll also receive an amazing e-book called “Tools for Spiritual Growth and Well Being” that will equip you with tools and exercises to discover your full potential.

You can also buy the crystalline energy sessions separately in the Shop.

Are you ready to tap into the power of the Crystalline Grid within you? Do you want to be part of the emerging of the New Earth?  Than sign up for Embody the healing power of the Crystalline Grid.

Activate your own etheric crystal and learn powerful ways to work with crystalline energy for healing and elevating consciousness, not only for yourself but for others as well. Create 5D pillars of Crystalline Light in your home and in nature to assist Gaia.

Daily Energy Sessions

Get daily energy clearing and healing sessions to help you stay centered in this transformational time. The sessions only take 15-20 minutes, but they have a big impact. Just relax and receive the healing energy from the Crystalline Grid, no action is required from you.

The sessions help bring emotional relief during intense times and keep you grounded and centered. They also clear negative thoughts, feelings, and habits that aren’t helpful, and help you see new ways to live your life.

Gift yourself a better life

The Crystalline energy  healing sessons in our shop each have their own unique focus, but they all work towards the same goal – helping you become aligned with your true, authentic self. All will clear limiting blueprints and constructs that are keeping you stuck. Expand your awareness of reality and activate your authentic self expression.

about foto

Hi beautiful soul,  I am Miranda Tesselaar,. Since I have connected with my Light Team I use the name Nomirah for this collective, which includes me.

I feel blessed by to  be able to work with the Crystalline Grid of Earth and being able to activate people to do the same. We aim to show how amazing you are and provide you with the tools to remember your true self and rediscover your innate abilities and wisdom.

Together we are the New Earth.

"Once you are aligned with Source, that inner voice, you just might find there is a path laid out before you. That there is a calling that you are being asked to answer. And all you can do is take those first steps in faith and watch the path unfold before you as you go."
image priestess of lemuria - crystalline grid keeper
Priestess of Lemuria