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A reassuring message from the Architects

We are here, we want to convey a message to the world that is very needed at this time.
We are the Architects. We are from Andromeda as you know. We need to bring this message through at this time because it is a pivotal moment in the history of mankind in planet earth.

At this moment we are circling your galaxy/space with a fleet of ships to help humanity to free itself from the stranglehold of the dark forces on your planet. It has gone on too long and even though many are waking up and a big part of you is connecting to the light and seeing through the veils that have been put up to blind you, the influence of the dark is just too invasive for many to withstand.

There are just too many people feeding the dark and following it blindly to expedite the transition and end the control of those individuals, governments and organizations. Know that we are here to assist you in strengthening/ enhancing the frequencies of light and love. To elevate your energy beings to a higher level of being. This can be tough on the human body and the mental thought constructs. It can be very disorientating for those who are not prepared or used to the energetic component of their being.

Not everyone will be able to fully integrate the changing frequencies into their physical being and many will leave still. Even though there really is no actual need at this time to do so. There is no immediately danger to any one at this time. Not from the virus nor the vaccine. There is no need to vaccinate, but for those who feel forced to do so, let there be no fear around this now. It is not the deciding factor on your journey on this Earth.

The dark forces are scrambling to stay in control and know they have lost. You will see more and more evidence of a clearing/cleaning up of people and structures that are cooperating with or acting from the dark control.

The reason we are giving you this message as the healers/builders of Andromeda, is because we are healing and supporting the energetic blueprints for humanity on a grand scale. As you know, energy is what you are made of. By freeing up and elevating your energetic being we give you the opportunity to go through this process as smoothly as possible.

Know that there is help and assistance on a grand scale. And know that the energy beings on earth have more power and resilience than they know. Yes , there will be chaos and disarray as the old systems are taken out. But you will also have the possibility to come into your full power as a light being and creator. The old way of hard work and struggle will no longer exist. More emphasis will be on energy creation and generation.

The Architects