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Hi, my name is Miranda Tesselaar, welcome to my world.

I am a healer, conscious channel and I work with my team of guides, including archangel Michael, the emissaries of Andromeda, Merlin and Metatron. I am trained  in transpersonal counselling and Vortexhealing®.  My goal now is to show you who you really are, let go of the old blueprints and realign with your Soul Path. 

I channel a group of beings known to me as the Emissaries of Andromeda. They bring very clear and information and encouraging messages that I share on Instagram for now. You can also find messages from them, my water dragon guide and the Lemurian Sisterhood on my blog.

From the age of 12 I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, headaches, aches and pains caused by hypermobile joints, anxiety and complete overwhelm. My whole life I felt different and completely out of place. Dropped off at the wrong planet.

It took a long time to get any diagnosis on what was wrong with me and once it was there , it didn’t help much since there wasn’t really any treatment for CFS. By the age of 28 I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I realized nobody was going to come and wave their magic wand and make it all better. I had to do that for myself.

That started my spiritual journey as it turned out. It took years and a lot of hard work, mostly inner work. But I made it. And along the way I found out who I truly am. It is a process of discovery and remembering that keeps unfolding to this day. Through a series of difficult life circumstances I slipped back into the state of overwhelm that had been with me for so long already. And for the second time I am getting myself out, starting from the inside and with the help of my guides in spirit and some wonderful angels in human form.

I learned that everything comes from inside you. You are the most powerful creator you could ever imagine. Love and abundance are your natural state. Anything is possible when you realign with your Soul knowing and you follow the breadcrumbs on your path.

Shine your light

It is time. The world needs your service as a Lightworker. That is the message I received early december 2019 I was going through a huge transformation and it finally dawned on me that I was being guided to step in to my role as a Lightworker in a much bigger way.

Since you are reading this I am assuming you are a Lightworker too. So you know we are ALWAYS doing the work, everywhere we go. It is only too easy to forget sometimes that we are transmuting and catalyzing energy by default. That is hard work and requires a healthy balance when it comes to self care.

 I had not done a very good job of that for a long time and it felt like waking up from a dark decade of the soul. It involved a lot of crying and releasing . But I had made the conscious decision earlier in the year that I was going to get back into my spiritual journey and this was the result. The message of Shine your Light showed up everywhere. Songs, books, meditations, tarot cards , my Instagram feed. You name it, there it was.

I did not feel like I had that much to offer so  I asked the Divine to give me full disclosure on my gifts and abilities. That is when I reconnected to the Lemurian Crystal and its amazing healing energy. Since then I have been experiencing, learning about and sharing the healing effects of this energy.

After about 18 months of working with the Crystal for myself and others I was told that I now could activate the Crystal connection for others.  That was the next step in the mission of the Sisterhood of Lemuria. Spread awareness about the Crystalline Grid and reconnect people to this  amazing source of high frequency energy for healing, liberation from programming and protection from lower density influences.


“All know that the drop merges into the ocean,
but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.”