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lightworker hands offering light to the world

Answering the call of my lightworker mission

It is time. The world needs your service as a Lightworker. That is the message I received early december in 2019. I was going through a huge transformation and it finally dawned on me that I was being guided to step in to my role as a Lightworker in a much bigger way.

Since you are reading this I am assuming you are a Lightworker too. So you know we are ALWAYS doing the work, everywhere we go. It is only too easy to forget sometimes that we are transmuting and catalysing energy by default. That is hard work and requires a healthy balance when it comes to self care.

 I had not been doing a very good job of that for a long time and felt I was waking up from a dark decade of the soul. It involved a lot of crying and releasing . But I had made the conscious decision earlier in the year that I was going to get back into my spiritual journey and this was the result. The message of Shine your Light showed up everywhere. Songs, books, meditations, tarot cards , my Instagram feed. You name it, there it was.

I did not feel like I had that much to offer so  I asked the Divine to give me full disclosure on my gifts and abilities as a Lightworker. That is when I reconnected to the Lemurian Crystal and its amazing healing energy. Since then I have been experiencing, learning about and sharing the healing effects of this energy. I am doing this with the help of my guides. For the Crystal especially there is Lunia, a Lemurian priestess. This a part of the information she gave me on why I was reconnected at this time and what the energy does. The full message is in the Reconnecting to Lemuria post.

” It is a recalibrating of the frequencies of the human form and energy. A purification of sorts. A severing of the cords that are keeping people stuck in 3D earth. And make it difficult to truly embody the new paradigm of love.”

“The Crystal is a Lemurian healing crystal, they were placed in the healing temples of Lemuria, it is not the grid that you read about. There are many different ways people connect to the realms of Lemuria, some more direct than others. You are one of many who are reconnected to their Lemurian heritage and are awakened  to their connection with these crystals to assist the people in this transitional time.”

There is a lot more information and my understanding evolves through time and the use of the healing energy of the Crystal. There is no “official” name for this either yet. I keep things simple for now and just call it what it is. I started with the basics, the most familiar things when it comes to healing. Clearings of the chakras , meridians, aura, cutting cords. All these are basic spiritual hygiene and self care and are very important in this busy world where we always seem to be connected to something or someone.

From there things progress to things like the Soul Purpose Alignment mp3, which was guided by Lunia and I wasn’t told what the energy was until it was done. Definitely one of my favorites I must say and I have used it a lot on journey to the unveiling of this site. Doubt and fears do creep in and it is a really effective healing to get you back in alignment with what you are called to do and do it with joy.

So here it is, I am out here sharing my journey and shining my light. Is it scary? Yeah! But most of the time there is this peaceful feeling of knowing I am on the right path. And wonder and excitement about what is possible and still to come. Because right now it is already pretty amazing.