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Embody the healing power of the Crystalline Grid

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By connecting with the high frequency energy of the Crystalline Grid of Earth, you will experience a profound transformation. This direct and permanent connection allows you to tap into the deeply healing and cleansing energy of the grid, becoming a beacon of high frequency energy everywhere you go. Embrace the power of this connection and unlock your true potential to bring positive change to your life and the world around you.

You are needed

Connect to the Crystalline Grid

Awaken, reactivate and deepen your inner crystal, the connection to the multidimensional energy of the Crystalline Grid.

Learn ways to work with the crystalline energy for healing and elevating the frequency of people and places.

Play an active part in the transition to New Earth by clearing old programming, density and the limiting constructs of the false matrix.

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The activation process

  • Once you sign up, you will get an email with all the necessary information to schedule a call at your preferred date and time.
  • The Zoom/ Skype call will be approximately 2,5 hours.
  • We will begin with a Crystalline Grid healing session  to eliminate any limiting programming or constructs in your system that have prevented your connection to the Grid.
  • This will be followed by the (re)activating and initiation session, both sessions typically lasts for 30-45 minutes.
  • Once we’ve reviewed your experience with the sessions, we’ll explore various ways to utilize the grid and its crystalline energy to heal and clear 3D density.
  • You’ll also learn how to create a pillar of crystalline light, for instance in your home, nature or wherever you want.
  • After the session you will receive a workbook with more information on the Crystalline Grid and how to use it to heal yourself, others, and assist with the emerging of the New Earth.
  • As a Bonus you can participate in the Daily Energy Sessions for free.

How it feels

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"Nomirah has activated the Lemurian Crystal within me and I am very happy she did! I use it for my surroundings when there is unrest, for my cat, for other people and for myself. It brings peace, gives space and a sense of relief."

Embody the healing power of the Crystalline Grid

  • 1:1 zoom call ca 2,5 hours preparation and initiation
  • Workbook Working with the Crystalline Grid
  • Bonus Free Daily Energy Sessions
image priestess of lemuria - crystalline grid keeper

The mission of the Sisterhood of Lemuria

This is part of a channeled message, you can read  the full text here.


What we are here to do is to assist , to guide. To guide people away from the 3d reality that they are mired in, they are stuck in. And more and more people will be realizing the systems that are holding them in place. They will see the manipulation, the constant bombardment of energies and restrictions and limitations. That are offered to them, to keep them contained. People will want to break free, realize who they are. And they will come to see that they are God, the Universe, Soul. That the body is just an expression of God, of Soul. On this Earth plane.

They will change the way society is organized, structured. There will be no more hierarchy. As you see now. Systems that are led by the mighty few, by the ones that have claimed the power, will start to crumble from the inside out. People will no longer believe in their power. Which takes it away.

Specifically the Lemurian Energy, the Energy from the Crystalline Grid, the Lemurian Crystal. It disconnects people from 3d, from those structures. It will give them the space, the separation. The ability to see what is really going on. It will give them the choice to take back their power. To see how powerful they themselves really are.

That is very effective in raising the frequency, transforming the system. That binds them to this 3d reality that makes them believe that they are stuck. That that is just the way it is. That they are powerless to change their life. To live from soul. It clears limiting beliefs, generational, societal structures, it unplugs people from those structures. Releases them from the matrix, so to speak. People will know what that means when we say it like that.

A new way

So who are we. We are Lemurian priestesses, a sisterhood. We are the ones who are reconnecting the ones who have forgotten. Our numbers are growing.

Every day. The  energy is pure, the pureness that was Lemuria, before it changed. It is strong. It is pervasive. And it can cut like a knife through all layers, all densities, all dimensions. All. Everything. Everything can be released because that is what is supposed to happen, we are giving people the means to do it more gently. With less chaos, less pain, less grief, less sadness, less difficulty, to make the ride smoother.

To let the Light win. Darkness will fight back. But the Light is greater. And growing. Every day.

The grid is getting stronger. Every day. And it will replace what was lost. It will regenerate what was lost. Rejuvenate. Clear. Emulate. What is being destroyed. Destruction will cease. Consciousness, awareness is growing. The way people see things will change, the way you live your life will change. With greater respect for Mother Earth and her bounties. 

Harm done will be reversed. New ways of thinking, engineering, travel, transport, heating, electricity. New ways will be found, discovered , will be exposed , the ones that are already there, will be free to the public. Cooperation, connection, unity, will grow and be the  motor, the fuel, the power, that drives the change for the better.


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