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woman in white with orange glowing light behind her

Hold on for one more day

This poem came to me after hearing the song Hold on from Wilson Philips playing in my head for a few days. Finally my guides told me sit down and start writing because there was something that needed to be expressed. And there was someone out there who needed to hear it.

This one is for you.

when you can’t see what is waiting for you

and it seems a dark and lonely road

you put one foot in front of the other

and keep going because you must


when the world doesn’t show you love

and you’re on hostile ground

darkness covers the land once green

that turned into barren dust


there is no light in the future

only emptiness in the now 

the past was cold and painful

your heart is a broken mess


then suddenly you feel a spark

the tiniest ember sets alight

and after all the nos you faced

your soul softly whispers – yes


you fan the flames however small

and hold on to your light

you let it heal you bit by bit

until it makes you shine


heaven is inside of you

so you claim it as your own

right there for the world to see

and bring new sparks to life