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woman behind green glass wall

How to deal with the discomfort of the shattering matrix

This time in the world evolution is mandatory for the elevation of the human consciousness. The darkness has to become visible to more and more people in order for it to be defeated. Still not everyone will see it as it is too uncomfortable and requires self awareness as well.

It requires taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions and acknowledging that you have been fooled. It takes you through anger, sadness, shame, disbelief, outrage, all of which is ,again, uncomfortable. It is much easier to keep following the safe guided path you are on than to acknowledge you have been led astray purposely and to go into the unchartered wilderness on your own.

There is nothing comfortable about losing your carefully constructed reality and seeing that you have been lied to. When that rug gets pulled from underneath your feet and there is nothing safe to hold onto anymore. When you don’t know what is real and what is not. Who is lying and who is telling the truth.

The world outside is a minefield of contradicting theories, false prophecies and fear indoctrination. And somewhere in all that information that is going around out there is also Truth. Where do you go for answers, how do you relate to the world and the people in various different states of awareness of what is going on.

No wonder the energy on this planet can get wild and dark and heavy.

What you need to realize is that all of this chaos, all the discomfort is here to help you return to yourself. To redirect your attention to what you feel in your heart. For now forget about the New Earth, polarization,  5D, the cabal, great awakening and what everybody else believes. Any action that you take out of anger, resentment or shame will only feed the darkness. It will only keep the matrix alive.

Go within, find yourself, find God in yourself. Work through the disbelief, the anger, the resentment. Mourn the loss of the world that you knew, or thought you knew.

Realize who you really are, find the one thing they were trying to keep you away from.

God inside of you.

You are Love.

You are eternal, infinite presence.

No one can keep you down.

Love and compassion for yourself and humanity is what will create the biggest shift.

Show the world what a true being looks like. Someone who takes full responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings, emotions , beliefs and actions. And shines their light on the world around them.

You are all there ever is.

Be the best you.

Grounded in love