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Gift yourself a better life

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Clear your name

Clear all generational, karmic and present life blueprints and limiting patterns. connected to your name.


Soul Purpose Alignment

Clear energetic blueprints and limiting patterns and beliefs that keep you from aligning with your Soul purpose. 


Clearing Meridians and Nadi's

Clear the meridians and nadi’s for free energy flow and to enhance your well being.


Custom healing mp3

A healing audio specially recorded for you. Custom energy healing session. Duration will vary slightly, but at least 30 min.


Aura Cleanse

Experience a thorough clearing of your aura. Every day you pick up energies from your surroundings. Cleansing out the dense energy, thought patterns and lower vibrations of other people and places is essential to to keeping your frequency high.


Energy Clearing and Cord utting

A complete energetic healing session that you can use again and again to raise your vibration and realign with Source. Go deeper every time you use it.


Lifting Overwhelm

A gentle healing created for HSP or empaths.

Very helpful and freeing for anyone with a sensitive energy system to use on a regular basis to maintain a balanced state and avoid energy drains.

from €25,-

Daily Energy Sessions

Receive daily energy sessions. Clear your energy, release programming and improve clarity and focus.

You can choose how long you want to receive the daily sessions.  The current options are  7, 14 or 21 days.


Manifestation Booster

Do you use affirmations, visualization or scripting as a manifesting practice?

Do you want to align faster, boost results, and clear resistance as you go?

Get this Mp3 now and fast track your manifesting.

$0,- +

Pay what you want

Chakra Clearing and balancing

This mp3 will clear and balance your chakra system as a whole and thus improve your feeling of well being. Each time you use it the energy will clear what is most needed and deepen.


Clearing the clutter

Use it regularly to clear all energies that are not yours or no longer beneficial. Give yourself the energy and the space to live an authentic life.