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Soul Path Alignment or how to create a life you love.

What is Soul Path Alignment?

Let’s start with the most important thing. You are the creator of your life.

There is an energy that is expressing itself through your physical form. That energy is limitless and never ending. It is malleable into any material expression you desire or that desires to come through you. Mostly known as Source, God or the Universe.

Being in alignment means that you are connected to,
are being this desire, this energy that wants to express itself through you.
When you are in alignment, connected, the energies line up to bring you the
things and experiences that you want to create. The frequency of the desire lines
up with the frequency of those things and experiences in your reality.

So why don’t we all just live the life of our dreams.

If anything we want is possible, why is there so much

Quantum theory states that nothing is set or real until we focus our attention on it. So if we focus our attention on what we want we should get it. Right?

Wrong. Unfortunately we have been around the block a
couple of times before and we are not the only person living here. Through all
our lifetimes we have accumulated all kinds of blocks, structures and beliefs
that make us start this life of with an energetic blueprint that dictates where
our attention does and does not go.

Then we get to experience a new life with its own set
of challenges and experiences on top of that. Now there are even more walls
that block the amazing view and doors and windows to places you don’t ever want
to go.

That is where the inner work comes in. Being aware
that there are structures that are keeping you from where you want to go is the
first step towards clearing them. And sometimes that may even be all you need.

Meditation, visualization, self-inquiry and journaling
can be very effective in changing your inner landscape and allowing you to
change your reality as a result.

For those structures and limitations we put on
ourselves that prove to be more stubborn or are very difficult to access yourself
energy healing has proven to be very effective. There are many healing modalities
out there, all with the same objective. To free you from your limitations, tear
down the walls and allow the natural flow of Source through you.

The Lemurian Crystal Energy that I work with is specifically geared towards dissolving all forms of structures that are locking us in certain patterns and beliefs that are limiting our full expression of Soul. It is very gentle but amazingly powerful in freeing you from your limitations and realigning you with your Soul Path. My water dragon is also connected to Lemuria and helps to really reconnect with your inner power and voice. So you can experience how truly powerful you are. If you want to feel that now you can right here.

Here is why I call it Soul Path Alignment and not simply Soul Alignment.


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"Once you are realigned with Source, with that inner voice, you might find there is a path laid out before you. That there is a calling that you are being asked to answer. And all you can do is take those first steps in faith and watch the path unfold before you as you go.
Lemurian priestess