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Healing journey

Taking the long way home on your healing journey

Sometimes it is OK to take the long way home. A healing journey does not abide by a schedule, a timetable. It is more like a roller coaster at times. You chose to go on the ride but once you’re off all you can do is just go with it. Through the ups and downs. The slow uphill climbs and the downward spirals.

But there is a method to the madness it seems. There is a force that is with you every step of the way. If you can follow the breadcrumbs it will guide you safely through the maze of your suffering, your pain, your confusion. It will provide you with the right information, through books, TV shows,songs, articles, videos, people you meet. Everyday things turn into signposts on your journey if you’re open to them and willing to follow up. The world starts to give you pointers on what, why and how and gives you incredible support.

I have embarked on a deep healing journey twice now. And just coming out at the end of the second one I see so clearly again how the universe has given me everything I needed to get through this. To heal myself way past the point I thought I could get to, or ever experienced. The things I could do myself, the times where I needed someone else to show me what was underneath the pain. The right assistance, the right modality at the right time.

I started to see it clearly a few months into my first healing journey. The red carpet that was rolled out when I made the decision. I was going to heal, because I simply could not live otherwise. All the things I needed for my healing were handed to me on a silver platter. In the right order. At the right time. Divine timing, divine order. Not mine, all I had to do was surrender and follow up on the hints that were showing up in my world.

There were books I had bought but never read that were suddenly lifelines. Provided epiphanies, insight, comfort, ways to heal. I just had to pick them up from the shelf and read them, follow up on the practices. TV shows, magazines, songs, people, your next clue can come from anywhere when you least expect it. These days the web algorithms seem to be a tool the universe, or consciousness, loves to use too.

Be open to these hints but use discernment. Not everything you read, see or hear is meant specifically for you. Learn to recognize the spark feeling, where your interest is suddenly peaked and follow the breadcrumbs on your path. It may seem to be a detour at times. Maybe it addresses something that you didn’t think applied to you, or needed healing. Follow it anyway and it could turn out to be a sprint. And then you rest and integrate until the next thing comes up.

There is no set time for your healing journey, there is no deadline or endpoint. It just needs the decision that you want better for yourself. That you want to be happy again, being yourself with all that entails. Sometimes you need to go deep for a while and then you come back up for air and float around for a bit. You go back down and maybe next time you come up you can fly around a little. Hell, even being able to come up for air can be a massive breakthrough at first.

I guess what I want to say is this. Follow the breadcrumbs. Know they are there when you learn to see them. You are never alone in this. Once you make that decision the whole world backs you up. Yes, you can heal yourself, but that does not mean you have to do it alone.

And never feel like you are not doing enough or you’re not going fast enough. Stay open, notice what you ARE healing, what you ARE learning, what you ARE changing. And the next hint will show up when you are ready.

It really is OK to take the long way home.